Dyalog Elastic Bands (4 Pack)

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Dyalog Elastic (Rubber) Bands : Pack of 4

High quality stretchy bands in gorgeous colours (black, purple, blue and pink) that are designed to be used with the Dyalog covers, insert books and planner pockets. Ideal to use with other planners and organisers too .

Mix the insides to match your outsides... or visa versa! Put some fun and colour into planning, organisation and reaching goals. A fantastic system for home, school, the office or just to use as a creative journal.

The elastics fit around the 8.25" spines of the cover and insert books.
Each measures .13 x 7.25 inches unstretched.

Pack contains 4 bands, 1 of each colour - black marble, crushed grape, calypso teal and bubblegum pink.

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